Our experts study and analyse all systems and sub-systems of the ship to reasonably and rationally identify strengths and weaknesses of the current infrastructure or purpose designed equipment implementation.

SeeCraft team possesses large experience in identification of current opportunities and threats for the vessel, as well as resources required to optimize and connect the vessel systems to your office and ultimately forecast the economical impact, within the following steps:

1. Preliminary offer
Based on discussion with the customer, his needs and requirements.

2. Survey Report and Proposal

3. Proposal according to the survey report for the customer's confirmation

Approval of the final scope of works
After the approval of the final scope of works, delivery of component parts and materials aboard is performed.
Delivery time: 2-3 weeks for materials and comunication equipment.
Delivery time of extra sensors and mass flowmeters will be specified after confirmation.

Along with the abovementioned, we also analyse the history of the vessel operations, accounting statements, details of operations and management, financial data, legal requirements. Ship feasibility studies provide all necessary pre-conditions for the project design and further implementation.

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We make innovation work for our customers' needs, minimising the possibility of emergency situations, providing the ship data 24/7 through the secure protocol straight to decision makers wherever they are located at the moment.

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