SeeCraft operations executed during the software and equipment installation correspond to the variety of the international standards:

1. Preparatory works

Installation of sensors, mass flowmeters, cabling depends on their quantity and location (can be performed by the customer)

2. Installation of the Seecraft equipment and the server configuration

Required time: 4-10 days
Required workforce: 2 technicians

1 technician - Installation of SAU cabinets, mounting of electronics
1 technician - Server configuration, signals identification, programming

3. Office server configuration

Required time: up to one week
Required workforce: 1 technician

Configuration will start after the customer provides remote access to server.

4. Verification of readings by customer

After office server configuration is completed, the customer will verify readings from the vessel.

5. Project accomplished

Our experts make sure that necessary system requirements are met basing on the feasibility inputs.

Lifetime updates of the software versions are to be performed on the regular basis.

Our clients provide us with configuration data and environment variables that are taken into consideration before the installation.

Configuring of new components that add functionality, such as new sensors or analytical tools, can be performed within short period of time.

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